Wedding Planning Checklist

Rustenburg Wedding Photographers

He popped the question, you said Yes and you have decided on a date.  Now what?

We all know planning a wedding can be extremely stressful and most brides-to-be are worried about forgetting something important.  But, there is no need to stress!  I have put together a list of 110 things to do when planning your wedding.  If you tick off items on this list one for one you will definitely have a stress-free-wedding planning-experience!

Happy Planning!

1. Start a favourites board – Pinterest is great for this!

2.  Start venue search

3.  Figure out your budget – you should start off by knowing exactly how much you have to spend.

4.  Start your guest list

5.  Create your wedding budget – decide on an amount for all the different aspects of your wedding.

6.  Send engagement announcements – Save paper and costs and go digital. At Cornel Buys Photography & Design we offer such services.

7.  Decide your theme and colors
8.  Estimate your guest count
9.  Narrow venue search
10. Schedule venue tours
11. Research officiants
12. Book your reception venue
13. Create your wedding website – this is an awesome idea to keep friends and family in the loop.  At Cornel Buys Photography & Design we offer such services.
14. Meet with officiants
15. Make a beauty plan
16. Book your ceremony site
17. Book your officiant
18. Block out hotel rooms or guest houses for guests
19. Book your wedding night hotel or guest house
20. Create a weather “plan B” – what will you do if your wedding is outside and it rains on the day?  Umbrellas?
21. Research photographers – Decide on your style and what you would like to have in your photographer before deciding on which photographer you would like to meet.  Over here is a list of why I might be the photographer for you.
22. Choose your wedding party
23. Meet with photographers – Have a list ready of all the questions you would like to ask potential photographers.
24. Research caterers
25. Meet with caterers
26. Order save-the-dates – Save paper and costs and go digital. At Cornel Buys Photography & Design we offer such services.
27. Book your photographer – Double check with your photographer what you should do to book his/her services.
28. Book your caterer
29. Schedule engagement photos
30. Research wedding invites and paper goods – Save paper and costs and go digital. At Cornel Buys Photography & Design we offer such services.
31. Register for gifts
32. Schedule bridal salon appointments
33. Meet with invitation designers
34. Send your save-the-dates
35. Buy your wedding dress
36. Schedule your fittings
37. Decide on your headpiece and veil
38. Research florists
39. Meet with florists
40. Research bands and DJs
41. Choose bridesmaid dresses
42. Research cake bakers
43. Meet with bands and DJs
44. Book your florist
45. Decide on your bride’s bouquet
46. Decide on bridesmaid bouquets
47. Decide on flower girl flowers
48. Decide on groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres
49. Decide on additional boutonnieres and corsages
50. Decide on your ceremony decorations
51. Research videographers – At Cornel Buys Photography & Design we offer such services.
52. Meet with cake bakers
53. Book your band or DJ
54. Meet with videographers
55. List potential honeymoon options
56. Book your cake baker
57. Book your videographer
58. Order your invitations
59. Plan the day-after brunch
60. Meet with rental and lighting pros
61. Order rentals
62. Book honeymoon (flights and hotels)
63. Meet with hairstylists
64. List reception extras to buy
65. Buy or rent menswear
66. Decide on groom’s accessories
67. Meet with makeup artists
68. List out wedding ring options
69. Have your hair trial
70. Make a transportation plan
71. Have your makeup trial
72. List your accessories
73. Buy under-the-dress essentials
74. List ceremony extras to buy
75. Buy reception extras
76. Order your wedding ring
77. Book transportation
78. Arrange for guest shuttle or parking
79. Buy stamps for your invites
80. Buy wedding favors
81. List gifts you need to buy
82. Address your invites
83. Mail your wedding invites
84. Buy shoes for your dress
85. Buy all ceremony extras
86. Make a honeymoon packing list – don’t forget the bikini!
87. Buy all your dress accessories
88. Finish bridal shower thank-yous
89. Buy bridesmaid gifts
90. Buy groomsmen gifts
91. Buy gifts for the kids
92. Buy gifts for your parents
93. Work on the seating chart – or not…you might decide to let the guests decide for themselves where they would like to sit.
94. Finalize your ceremony outline
95. Create a weekend timeline
96. Have a communication game plan
97. Finish your ceremony programs
98. Make nail and spa appointments
99. Buy or make a day-of emergency kit – needle and thread, chewing gum, rescue remedy….
100. Buy your “something blue”
101. Finish shopping for the honeymoon
102. Pack for the honeymoon
103. Prepare your toasts
104. Decide on a perfume for the day
105. Finish the seating chart
106. Confirm details with wedding party
107. Confirm payments with vendors
108. Get married!
109. Finish thank-you cards
110. Order your photo album – At Cornel Buys Photography & Design we offer gorgeous coffee table photobooks.



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