10 Reasons why you should hire me as your wedding photographer.

1. You wish to have a certain style of photography for your wedding and my style reflects that.
Choosing a wedding photographer is a very personal decision, it is something that you’ve been dreaming about since you were little. You have a clear idea in your head about what you want for your wedding day and your choice of wedding photographer should be based on that. If you like my style of photography, you should choose me to shoot your wedding. You can have a look at my portfolio here.

2. Photography is my passion and my job.
I turned my passion into my job, I don’t have another job so all my attention is on your wedding. I will give it my all because my attention is not divided. I don’t only do this on weekends.

3. I always have back-up gear available and use some of the best cameras and lenses.
Even though a photographer should be judged by her skills, having quality gear and back-up will go a long way.

4. I am a qualified photographer.
Not all photographers are qualified, and that’s okay because some learned their skills along the way and can compete with top photographers. But, if qualifications are important to you, rest assured, because I am a qualified photographer.

5. My assistant and husband Johan will help me to help your day go as smoothly as possible.
We are a husband and wife team and we will do everything that is needed (and more) to give you the pictures you always dreamed about and have your wedding day run as smooth as humanly possible. We aim for the best and pride ourselves that we are a great team.

6. You will have gorgeous, timeless photos.
I have a classic, romantic and very feminine style of photography. You will look at you wedding photos 50 years from now and still think they are beautiful. I also offer quality prints and albums that won’t fade in time.

7. You will have natural-looking photos, nothing to posed!
We see a lot of wedding photos out there that seem so posed that they look completely unnatural. I adore the stolen, candid moments between bride and groom which tends to show the love and romance. You will look back at your photos remembering the love and excitement you felt on the day you promised your love to your soulmate.

8. You will get a gorgeous photobook album.
For my albums I use a company that only provides to professional photographers so you will get a stellar quality album that is tastefully designed and beautifully printed and bound.

9. I am a relaxed person and will not try and take over your wedding.
Weddings can be stressful and very hectic but I will work very hard to not add to your stress. I will keep you relaxed and make suggestions during the day to keep you relaxed and stress-free.

I love photographing weddings. I love everything about weddings. There is just something magical about two people coming together and promising to love and obey until the end of their days. I genuinely love my job and this shows in my attitude and on your wedding day.


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