21 Questions to ask your wedding photographer

Here are just some general questions you should ask your wedding photographer when hiring:

  1. Do you have samples of weddings you did previously?
  2. What is included in your packages?
  3. Can you work within my budget?
  4. What is your photography style like?
  5. Does your style of photography include posed or natural, classic photos?
  6. Will you be photographing everything, or are there parts of the day you won’t or can’t photograph?
  7. Are other guests allowed to have cameras at the wedding?
  8. Which type of lighting do you normally use and will you be able to make the lighting work at my chosen venue?
  9. Do you edit your photographs?
  10. What is your favourite part of the wedding to photograph?
  11. How do you handle the stress of a wedding?
  12. What other vendors would you recommend?
  13. What happens after the wedding with regards to editing?
  14. How long do we have to wait to receive our pictures?
  15. Do you have a contract?
  16. Do you require a 50% booking fee?
  17. What other products do you offer? Photobooks?  Prints?
  18. Do you have an assistant?
  19. Are you doing wedding photography full-time?
  20. What other photography experience do you have?
  21. Do you have back-up gear for if things go wrong on my wedding day?



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