Wedding Photos Gone Wrong

Have you ever considered a re-do of your wedding photographs?  If so, then this post is something you should read.

I recently met a lady who told me the story of her horrible wedding photographs.  Many, if not all of the images were either out of focus or showing the backs of people’s heads.   Important details were not captured.  Until this day she has a hard time looking at those photos without tearing up.  Obviously she was extremely unhappy with the end product and can kick herself for it.  At the time, their budget was tight and they decided to cut costs by opting for a cheap photographer….and that was exactly what they got; cheap.  It was unfortunate circumstances but an important lesson was learnt.

For their 3 year anniversary they decided on a re-do for their wedding photographs.  She pulled her wedding dress from storage (which luckily still fit!), organized a beautiful bouquet, had her hair and make-up done and hubby dressed up in his suit.  But this time, they did some proper homework on a photographer.  The results were needless to say, spectacular.  Yes, it was 3 years later but she finally had pretty pictures of her and hubby in their wedding attire.  And really, every bride wants those pretty pictures.

So this whole story got me thinking.  How many married couples out there went through something like this?  And how many would love to have a wedding shoot re-do?

So I have decided to run a little contest here at Cornél Buys Photography & Design.  It will be for anyone who wishes to do a wedding shoot re-do FREE OF CHARGE!  So if you or someone you know had a horrible experience with their wedding photographer, please read on.  It will work like this:

  • All participants need to be in Rustenburg, Northwest or surrounding areas.
  • To enter, you need to email one of your wedding pictures to along with a short description why you believe you need a wedding shoot re-do. Please do not share the picture in the comments of the blog or on Facebook.  I don’t want the picture to go public because I don’t want to embarrass the photographer who took the picture.  This post is not meant to name and shame, so please let’s all be discreet about it.  You can mail the picture without even telling me who the photographer is.  If the name of the photographer appears on the image, you have my word that I will not name the photographer in any way going forward.
  • Entries close on Saturday, 1 April at 5pm.
  • Only 1 entry per person.
  • I will choose a winner out of all the images I received and my choice will be based on which image I believe to be the worst.
  • The winner of the FREE Wedding Shoot Re-Do will be announced on Sunday, 2 April. I will contact the winner directly as well as announce on Facebook.
  • The FREE Wedding Shoot Re-Do will take place between the 21st and 28th of April. I will communicate with the winner to schedule a date.
  • It is the winner’s responsibility to organize the wedding dress and suit, the bouquet, hair and make-up. And anything else you might like to have in your photos.
  • If you want the shoot to happen at a specific venue, it will be your responsibility to book said venue. Or to ensure that we are allowed to take photos there.
  • If you don’t have a specific venue in mind, I will choose a venue.

So, what are you waiting for?  There isn’t a lot of time left to enter so send me your picture!

If you are happy with your wedding photos but you know of someone who isn’t, please go ahead and share this post with them!  And while you’re at it, go like my Facebook page here and let’s get the word out.  I am very much looking forward to this one and can’t wait for the entries to come in!


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